DIY Basement Finishing Pros and Cons

For centuries, basements were a space that did not receive much attention. Homeowners have long used their basements to house systems, such as hot water heaters, plumbing, or any other creature comforts we have come to expect.

However, it wasn’t long before people saw this underground storage locker as another usable room. Therefore, homeowners throughout Minnesota began transforming their basement into a second living room, finished just like all the other rooms throughout the house. 

There are many advantages of DIY basement finishing, such as increased property value and improving your living space. However, some cons also must be considered, like the immense cost associated with the renovation. In this article, we will share our first-hand experiences with you to prepare for the renovation. Let’s get started.


There are many pros to finishing your basement, so much we won’t be able to list them all in this article! So, let’s go over some of the most important pros that you should consider. 

Increases Livable Space

Like most homeowners, you want to use each room of your house. Finishing your basement allows you to create another space used as a recreation or living room. The average size of a basement in the average household is around 1,000 square feet, allowing you to add significant living space to your home. 

Finishing your basement is a great idea, especially if you need more space and don’t have the money for an addition, as you can finish your basement for just a fraction of the cost!

Increases Overall Resale Value

Renovating any room in your home will increase its overall resale value, especially your basement. It will also make your home more popular than those without a finished basement, especially if most other homes in your neighborhood have unfinished basements.

Finishing your basement will also make the home seem more significant to potential buyers and could help it sell quicker than other homes in your neighborhood.

Private Space

A finished basement is a great way to relax and unwind and lets you escape from the hustle and bustle of the home, as it provides a quiet place to watch movies or even take a nap during the day. Also, if you have kids, you can make it their play area, and they can make noise and play without disturbing the other rooms throughout the house. 


Although there are many advantages to DIY basement finishing, there are a few cons to be aware of before beginning your new project. Let’s take a look.

Costs and Financials

Although it is less than an addition, finishing your basement on your own still carries a high cost. These costs increase if you decide to insulate and waterproof the space, as this could potentially cost thousands of dollars to complete.

From a financial standpoint, it is not advisable to finish your basement if you have more owed on your mortgage than the home is worth. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the financial implications involved before finishing your basement. 

Long and Tedious Process

Due to each basement and home being different, it is impossible to tell precisely how long it will take to finish. However, it could take weeks or even months to finish your basement, depending upon its initial condition.

It will be essential to remain patient throughout this time while finishing your basement, as this room in your home is under construction and not available for use for an extended period.

DIY Projects Can Cost More in the Long Run

If you’re planning on tackling a large project like basement finishing on your own, you may end up paying more in the long run. Making basic mistakes such as improper wiring or insulation can result in an expensive fix down the road. It’s sometimes better to pay upfront for quality, professional help that you know will get the job done right the first time.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to finish your basement is significant. Our goal as a company is for every basement in Minnesota to be completed, which is a considerable feat! We believe that basements deliver a substantial aspect for your home, provide extra living space, increased property value, and offer a quiet area to relax and unwind. 

We believe that there are a lot of pros regarding DIY basement finishing. However, we want you to be as informed as possible before making this critical decision. So, if you’re going to finish your basement, be sure to weigh out the pros and cons before leaping into construction. 

If you decide you’d like professional assistance from a company you can trust, contact Brothers Basement Remodeling with any questions or ideas you may have.