Minneapolis Basement Remodeling Services

Basement Got You Feeling Incomplete?

We know that you aren't managing remodeling jobs all the time, and that some remodeling companies don't know how to make things easy-to-understand.

That's why we ensure you know where your project is at throughout the process:

  1. First we come out for a free assessment of your basement.
  2. We capture what you want to happen, and offer a simple 3k design phase for those that want complete clarity on their project before getting started. (15 Hours of our time, in collaboration with your family.)
  3. We work with you to revise the plans and provide detailed estimates for transparency.
  4. We complete the work, ensuring attention to detail and communication.
  5. We complete quality assurance and punch-list items and leave the space clean!


Minneapolis Basement Remodeling

What makes Minneapolis, Minnesota Basement Remodeling different?

  • We ONLY do basements.  It's our specialty and it allows us to focus in on the processes, checklists and customer experience in a tight niche so you benefit!
  • We believe every basement in Minneapolis should be finished! 🙂 If you paid for that space – it should be usable. It's just plain wrong for it not to be a comfy haven for you and your family.
  • We have a dedicated project manager / founder - and only take 2 remodels in a given month. We will update this section as our team grows, but with 4 contractors on our team at a time, we only take on the business where we know we get absolutely exceed your expectations. We are committed to a 5-star reputation, and seek to get referrals from every job. (Also check out https://mplsroofing.com)

But - limited space means – there's no time to waste! Contact us now to set up your free consultation

Are you ready to create the perfect haven for your family?

We'll help walk you through the process and deliver down to the details!

Our Promise and Values

We aim to deliver your dream basement, and will do everything on the front-end to ensure that you understand your options, and finishes are clearly communicated. We have a paid design phase because we care about clear expectations, we're incredibly grateful to serve you and your family. We also do Minneapolis Kitchen Remodeling!


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