Basement Renovation Before and Afters From Around the Web

Suppose you have open space in your home’s basement that you don’t want to go to waste. We believe that your basement should be as presentable as the rest of your cozy abode. Perhaps you have a rough idea of an excellent finish but can’t envision it.


Thankfully, we can provide some innovative basement renovation before & after to inspire you to fix your basement and make it a hospitable place for you and your guests. We believe the best basements are the ones that make you feel proud. Let’s take a look at some of the best basement renovation before and afters!

Best Basement Renovation Before & Afters

Have no idea where to start when it comes to transforming your basement? Start by seeing how other people created bonus rooms to suit their aesthetic needs!

  1. Outdated Paneling Gets a Hygge Makeover

As the Heathered Nest notes, this drab wooden paneling might seem like a nice touch for a cabin in the woods, but you deserve better paneling for your basement, preferably one that doesn’t make it look like a wooden box for storing old drinks.


One remedy to giving your basement a more comforting atmosphere is replacing the old faux wood paneling with sturdy drywall. After swapping out your paneling, you can add furniture to provide it with an organic touch.


Some ideal hygge decor additions include plaid patterns and tabletop candles placed on earthy-toned furniture. You want things that make the room feel warm, inviting, and comforting. That’s hygge!

  1. Cluttered Box Nightmare Becomes an Organized Dream

Boxes are a godsend for organizing sentimental goods that you want to store but not toss. However, it can become hellish if they start building up. One wrong move downstairs, and you’ve got yourself a cardboard avalanche. Why waste a decent couch by leaving junk on top of it?


After organizing your belongings, disassembling the crates and removing them, you can give the room a minimalist touch. Adding colored or striped wallpaper creates the illusion of a space being full without junk piling up. 


Putting in a desk near the corner of the basement turns it into a home office. A bookcase might also be a nice touch if you want it to emphasize your intellectual side.

  1. Concrete Wasteland Transforms into a Cat’s Haven

Suppose you want to use your basement to give your pets extra space to play and unwind, but its poor state doesn’t seem like an appropriate fit. Bare concrete or cinder block make a room feel more like a prison, and that’s the last thing you’d want for your lovable companions.


Covering the gray bricks with drywall and painting over it with pastel colors, such as light blue, lets the room emit a calm atmosphere. For additional comfort, you can install soft carpeting over the concrete floor panels.


To make it a proper pet’s paradise, place some cubbies for storing food and toys. Cats can use the empty spots as creative hiding spots more favorable than under a bed.


Adding shelves, cat condos, and pathways on walls is a great way to implement perching spots if you want to give them more places to play instead of relying on a cat tower.  

  1. Applying a New Coat of Paint Can Go a Long Way

If you believe your basement doesn’t need a grand overhaul, there are simple solutions that might work for you—especially if you have a limited budget. For example, painting over red or gray brick fireplaces with dark brown or black paint can give your basement a bold contrast to its white floor and walls.

      1.Refurbished Floors Emphasized with Regal Rugs


Suppose your basement has worn and torn floor planks. Replacing them might be an ideal solution if you don’t want to hear daily creaking or fear it might break when walking over them.   Engineered hardwood might be perfect when renovating a basement prone to moisture.


Ceramic tiles are an ideal alternative if you want to use something else. You might also want to consider installing tiles that look like traditional plank flooring. Adding a vibrant round rug under the couch, near a lamp, or by the television can make your flooring appear cozier.

  1. Transform Support Beams to Enhance Your Design

Although they act as foundations for the rooms above, you might find the support beams in your basement distracting when rearranging the space. Masking these pillars with stone or wood fixtures might be a way to make your basement more attractive.


In this example of basement renovation before and afters, the designer converted the uncovered pipe beams into a sleek faux wood connected as a rustic “T” shape. This enhancement gives you something prettier to look at as you enter the room. 

  1. Overhaul the Stairway to Make an Ideal Impression

The first thing people see when going into your basement is its stairway. Chrishinda’s before and after shots show a complete overhaul of the treads and risers. We also suggest adding tread carpeting or painting the risers to keep the stairs from looking too generic.


There are many basement renovation before and afters that you can take inspiration from to find something that suits your interests. Subtle touches, such as paneling material or furniture placement, can open several opportunities for finalizing a basement’s design.


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