Basement Inspiration: 5 Creative Ideas to Consider

Finding the inspiration to remodel your basement can seem daunting. But it’s worth it! A well-integrated basement can: 

  • Alleviate clutter 
  • Free up space
  • Create auxiliary living spaces 

In other words, a well-designed basement is hard to beat. But if basement inspiration is hard to come by, here are some ideas to help you remodel your basement. 

Create a Second Family Room 

People may spend more time streaming television and playing video games, but that’s no reason to argue over who gets the television next. If you need basement inspiration to remodel or convert a basement, consider repurposing the basement area as a second living room. 

Because video games now require more active participation, the basement can provide both the space for enthusiastic participation by the kids without cluttering up more formal living areas. 

The basement doesn’t have to be purely for electronic entertainment, either. A well-thought-out family room plan can extend to include a play area for rambunctious children. Or, if there’s space, a games table. Just make sure there’s space to navigate around it comfortably. 

Whatever you choose, this kind of basement inspiration for a second living area has the potential to generate an informal and relaxed space for the whole family.  

Basement Bedroom

Whether you have children tired of room-sharing or guests in regular need of a spare room, repurposing a basement as a bedroom can be an excellent place of basement inspiration for a remodeled basement.  

The sequestered nature of basements, combined with their lower light threshold, makes them ideal bedroom spaces. They offer privacy, comfort, and if you’ve soundproofed the basement, escape from the noise and hubbub of the rest of the house. 

Beds in basement bedrooms don’t have to dominate the space, either. To save floor space, consider tucking a bed into a wall or window seat. Occupants will be cozy, comfortable, and have more room to move around. 

Remember, basement bedrooms need an egress window in case of emergencies. 

Add a Bathroom

Your other consideration if your basement remodeling and inspiration do lead you to incorporate a bedroom into the space, be sure to remember to include a bathroom. 

Not only does this give occupants more privacy, but alongside a bedroom it creates the sense of a self-contained apartment or bedsit, something teenagers especially will enjoy.

Bathrooms come with their own considerations, and these include:

  • Drainage
  • Ventilation
  • Fixtures 
  • Lighting  

Convert Your Basement to a Laundry Room 

Another source of basement inspiration is the laundry room. Here again, the secluded nature of the basement makes it well-suited for containing clutter like drying laundry. 

If you’re pressed for space, laundry appliances that stack are both more energy-efficient and leave you room for shelves to store cleaning supplies and even a sink or drying rack. 

Don’t forget the value of a tile floor; it won’t succumb to water damage, and it cleans easily. 

Windows are Key

Basements don’t have to be dark, foreboding places. If you’re seeking to remodel your basement, give careful consideration to the windows you put in. 

Walkout Windows 

Large windows can dramatically alter a basement. If you’re seeking basement inspiration that transforms your basement space, wall-to-wall glass or sliding glass windows may be the answer. 

These windows are ideal if your basement abuts a garden or outdoor area. The increased light not only brightens the room but lifts the atmosphere by bringing the outdoors to you. Slide the windows open on warm, sunny days, or beat a hasty retreat indoors via the windows on cool, rainy afternoons, and you’ll soon forget your basement was subterranean. 

Emergency Windows 

For less dramatic basement inspiration, or inspiration for basements that can’t readily access the outdoors, consider emergency windows. 

They aren’t the obvious choice when remodeling a basement, but with the right finish and placement, they provide the dynamic bursts of natural light you need to keep a basement feeling oppressive. 

But deep-set window sills, dark trim, and the right combination of architectural compliments can create an appropriately gothic, even cathedral-esque basement with ample character and atmosphere.

Include Storage Space 

Whatever basement inspiration you settle on, good storage is essential. More often than not, unused and unwanted paraphernalia get shunted to the basement, so having somewhere to store it all is critical. 

From bookshelves to drawers, cupboards, and boxes, there are myriad ways of seamlessly integrating good storage into your basement. They’ll keep the basement uncluttered, and with luck, the rest of the house, too. 


The versatility of the basement makes it a valuable asset in any house. But, finding the right basement inspiration for a basement remodel can be challenging. Remember to consider:


  • Lighting
  • Windows
  • Flooring
  • Storage 

You don’t have to do it yourself, either. When you find the basement inspiration that works for you, get in touch. Our full-service basement remodeling will soon have made your basement inspiration a reality you won’t regret.