6 Finished Basement Pics That Will Inspire You

Do you have a sizable basement but aren’t quite sure what to do with it? Having a finished basement opens the door for a variety of uses with the right renovations and design in place. So many individuals often see their basement space as nothing but a storage unit for old equipment and boxes they’ll never get around to dealing with. Or worse, they’ll fill a perfectly good basement space with just that – space.

Having a renovated basement not only creates more usable space in your home but can also increase its market value should you decide to sell.

In this article, we’ll outline some amazing finished basement pics that will hopefully inspire you to see the potential in your neglected basement space. 

Living Space

Is your main living room on the smaller side? Or perhaps you want a quiet living space away from the kids from time to time. Turning your finished basement into a private living room is a great way to entertain guests or create a more upscale living space that sets itself apart from the typical TV room.

In terms of design, you have the choice of making it somewhat of an extension of your current living room or create something totally different.

Basement Apartment

If your basement is big enough to host a suite of essential appliances and possibly even a bathroom, why not turn it into a complete basement apartment? Most sizable finished basements can occupy enough space for a bachelor basement apartment with a basic kitchenette, fridge, and small bathroom.

This is also a perfect option if your home happens to include a separate entrance that leads directly to the basement.

Private Gym

One major setback for many during these uncertain times has been the closure of gyms. If you’ve given up your gym membership but still want to stay in shape, why not turn your finished basement into a private gym?

You can design your space not only to house exercise equipment but also include accessories like shelving and hooks to hold up all your fitness gear.

This idea is also desirable for personal trainers looking for a space to train their clients.

Office Space

Now that the work from home life has become the new normal, business professionals everywhere are opting for renovating their spaces to include a home office. And with a bit of solitude, peace, and quiet – your finished basement can be the perfect place.

Curate your space to include lots of things that inspire and motivate you, such as encouraging messages and plants that need little sunlight.

Moving your home office into your basement will also help you declutter the other spaces you might be taking up for work, such as your bedroom or dining room which will only improve your concentration.

Bar and Wine Cellar

One fun and easy way to reimagine your finished basement can be to turn the space into an elegant wet bar and wine cellar. These homemade speakeasies are perfect for entertaining guests, especially if bars and restaurants are still closed in your area.

You can recreate a sports bar design or do something slightly more upscale, depending on your style. A marble bar counter is a classy addition with a glass wall behind that also lets you show off your mixology skills.

Get sophisticated and practical with wooden floor-to-ceiling built-in wine racks that create a stunning wine cellar. Hang a decorative light fixture from the ceiling and add a genuine wine barrel table to really make the space stand out.

Home Theatre

If you’re a film buff but cannot go to any movie theatres in your area, you can easily recreate the cinematic experience at home.

Transform your finished basement into a luxury home theatre the whole family can enjoy together. Surround sound with large, high projector screens and comfortable theatre seats will make it feel like the real thing!

Reimagine Your Space with Basement Brothers

Why continue to neglect a perfectly good basement space when there’s clearly a world of possibilities waiting for you?

Here at Basement Brothers Remodeling, we’re dedicated to transforming your basement into a stunning environment that truly feels like home.

Whether these finished basement pics we’ve listed here have inspired you or you have your own basement renovation idea in mind, we’re happy to make your vision for your basement come to life.

Contact us today to set up an appointment so you can start enjoying the basement space of your dreams.