6 Basement Styles to Consider for 2021

Is your family thinking about a basement remodel? There’s never been a more perfect time to create a cozy at-home space where everyone can get together and enjoy.

While many homeowners are considering redoing their basement, they may not know where to start! Let’s take a look at some popular basement styles to consider for 2021.

It’s time to optimize your home space with a comfortable, usable basement!

Every Home Needs a Finished Basement

The home should be a place to go and unwind, relax, and connect with family. The space of small family homes is maximized with a finished basement.

Many people don’t realize how much extra room they have. An unfinished basement is wasted, untapped space!

Brothers Basement Remodeling in Minnesota has a big goal – to see every home with a finished, comfortable basement for families to gather and spend quality time together. 

6 Different Basement Styles to Consider

Looking for more basement inspiration? Here are 6 awesome styles to consider for your basement this year. 

Add an Extra Bedroom

An added bedroom in the basement can significantly extend the usable space in your home. Creating another bedroom can function as a guest space or for the teen of the family who wants a little more privacy! Seriously, your teen will LOVE it.

Adding another finished bedroom can also increase the value of your home, giving you a better profit if you decide to sell. Just think about the difference between listing as a 3-bedroom home versus a 4-bedroom! Throw in an extra powder room, and you’ll be swimming in resale profit.

Income Space / Studio Apartment

If the space allows and is up to code, adding an income property can be an excellent decision for homeowners. Creating a finished studio apartment in an unused basement won’t only increase the value of your home for resale, it can bring it revenue right away!

Renting out a studio apartment can be a great way to make extra income.

Basement apartments added to the home can also be used as in-law suites or for guests. You can even consider renting the apartment via short-term rentals with apps such as Airbnb.

Entertaining Space / Game Room

Love to entertain guests and friends? If you’ve always thought about hosting a regular game night but don’t have enough space, why not transform your unused basement space into an entertainment room.

The whole family will enjoy a game room. Maybe you’d love a screening area for family movie night. Or a pool table for fun nights with friends. The possibilities are endless. You’re one remodel away from being the place to be on Friday nights!

Cozy Family Room

Love getting the family together but have no room? Many homeowners prefer to add a family room to their finished basement to keep the upstairs sitting room for guests.

Adding an oversized, comfortable couch, big screen TV, or warm lighting can be the best way to gather everyone (even the teens) for a cozy family night. Keeping the color palette low-key is a great way to help bring a simple basement family room together.

Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Every homeowner knows that one of the most important aspects of a house is storage! For some reason, most homes aren’t built with nearly enough. Consider adding extra built-in storage to your basement.

Storage space doesn’t have to look like stacked plastic bins in a garage. Well-designed and built storage spaces can be beautiful and even act as the focal point of the room!

Remodeling an unused basement to include gorgeous built-in storage units can provide a much-needed space to store those clutter-creating photo albums, craft supplies, extra clothing, and Christmas decorations!

Home Office

With so many more people working from home these days, a home office can be the perfect addition to an unfinished basement.

Take remote work to the next level with a cozy and well-designed home office space. The best part about adding an office to the basement is that you can keep the room mature, quiet, and well out of earshot of anyone making noise in the upstairs living space.

Final Thoughts on Basement Styles for 2021

When redesigning or remodeling a basement space, there are a variety of styles to choose from. The most important decision is deciding what basement style is the right fit for you and your family!

For custom basement remodeling or finish on any budget, call the expert team at Brothers Basement Remodeling. Their expert team ensures that the entire process from project management to the final stroke of paint is organized, neat, and in collaboration with your unique vision.